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1. Accept that you're unattractive - When I started to stop hating myself for being born ugly and accepted my unattractiveness for the way I am, I started to careless about my physical looks. I finally realized that It's more to life than to self loathe 24/7 about how ugly I am. Beauty Is subjective you guys, there's 7.5 billions of people on this earth. 🤗 You are beautiful.
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2. Go to a professional hairstylist - Find the most beautiful hairstyle you want and rock the hell out of it. Getting a new hairstyle always boost your self confidence up. Swing your hair with a smile on your beautiful face.😍
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3. Do your own makeup or got to a mua - It's always fun to try new things. Wearing makeup is optional, but if you're feeling a little scared about being heavily depend on it then I advise you to do a skin care routine instead.😎
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4. Buy yourself a nice outfit - It's doesn't matter what you choose to wear. Having new clothed, shoes, and items always makes you feel good about yourself.😄
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5. Nails and toes - Don't forget to get a mini pedicure, you'll feel so good about yourself.😋
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6. Buy yourself different items - It can be jewelry, rings, bracelets, glasses, shades, purse's, backpack, phone case and etc. New things are exciting.🌝
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7. Other people opinions about you are trash - You was put on this earth to please nobody. You don't have a gun to your head making you live by other people rules. Live your life for yourself only. Give up caring about irrelevant people opinions.💯