I was once in love. I remember that I love him way too much. Always looking for an excuse to talk to him. Trying everything to make him fall in love with me. I know that it was kind of childish but I didn’t want to let him go.

Time pass and everything was different. He stop talking to me but I wasn’t ready for that.
One day I remember I saw him with a girl, I recognize her. She was the girl I hate the most. I was trying to convince me that it was only a nightmare but it wasn’t, everything I see was real, and what I was seeing was he kissing her.
That time I was broken. I want to die, because everything I used to loved was giving his love to somebody else.

His relationship didn’t last too much because she was cheating on him with her ex.

Years came by, my affection for him continue but it was less compare to the begging. I didn’t try hard to obtain his attention.

My heart was repare because the last time he got a girlfriend, for me it didn’t hurt too much. Now he is suffering for his love as the same way I did suffer for him.