hello lovelies, i've decided to do this challenge, i may forget to do it later but i promise, i will finish this.

Day 1. Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!

well, my name is sam, i'm 17 years old, you all know that based on my profile, but whatever.

my hobbies are to write and play guitar, i'm obsessed with football and music

I've been playing guitar since i was a preteen

i have 8 cats and two turtles, i'm a cat lady lmao.

i have no social life, i'm on social-media all the time, whether it's wattpad or weheartit, i'm always online.

i started watching football when i was 9, now i'm 17, it's been 8 years, good ol' days.

i'm tall compared to the other girls around my age, i'm 5'11, not tall but other girls here are very short here.

i have a weird obsession with pink floyd, i may move listen to other bands or whatsoever but my love for pink floyd never ends

and now i'm getting obsessed with ghost bc.

i cannot survive without listening to music!

the first band which got me into music was metallica, i was 10 years old

my brother hates metal and rock genre, we always argue about it.

i have a very dark sense of humor, i know it isn't a good thing, but i enjoy it so it doesn't really matters what others think.

sex pistols got me into punk-rock.

my guilty pleasure is reggaeton, i'm extremely guilty about it but can't help it, unfortunately i enjoy it.

my favorite color is black and gray

been moving around for many years, now currently in russia.

i'm an introvert living in a extrovert family

i'm scared of dogs because one dog attacked me when i was 4 years old

i'm very trypophobic, i feel anxious whenever i see holes or bumps in things, i feel like i can't breathe and i can't help but vomit

i have a very short temper, i get angry pretty easily, whenever i'm angry, i become violent, i'm not proud of it

i'm oddly attracted to tom hardy

it took me 5 hours to write this article because i wasn't really sure how to write about me