Hi guys !!! It's me, BeHel. This is my first article on this webside. For a long time I didn't know about what should I write? But it September and i think, that my first article will be about outfits to school. I like fashion and I will try help you with choose good clothes, makeup and hairstyle to look goals. <3


I think finding your own style is really important and finding clothes that you like. My style is very simply but I like wear fasionable clothes. My daily outfit to school looks like photos below. You can watch a few outfits, witch I think fit perfectly to school.

cat, school, and fashion image outfit, fashion, and jeans image fashion, outfit, and white image fashion, outfit, and style image


First of all you guys are beautifull just the way you are!!! And if you don't want to wear makeup you don`t have to. If you want to wear makeup wear. I will show you a few photos of girls with/without makeup and you can follow in their footsteps.

If you want to look natural, don't wear makeup, or wear but a little bit. :P

Image removed girl, hair, and makeup image girl, beauty, and hair image kelsey calemine, beauty, and fatherkels image
But many girls think now: Yeah, but I'm not prritty like this girls above. STOP. You are preatty too!! But you should take more care of yourself to see your beauty.


Here, you have a big field to show off. Don't care, what type of hairs do you have. straight, curly, long, short, wavy or afro. Don't care! The most important, what will you do with its. I want to show you a few ideas of hairstyles to school.

fashion, hair, and braid image Temporarily removed Mature image long hair, make-up, and pony tail image Image by Marion Temporarily removed

OK, that's all. I hope, that I helped you just a little bit. Hope, you enjoed it. REMEMBER. YOU. ARE. SO. BEAUTIFUL. JUST. THE WAY. YOU. ARE. :D