It’s not the style in which I usually rhyme.
But here’s a shot for this one time.

It’s not that I wanted to test.
It’s just that what i had with you today was just the best.

So I couldn’t stop from sharing to the world, how I felt.
How your Aura made me feel, how my heart began to melt.

How I stared at you and pleaded silently,”please be mine”.
“I’ll give you love, care, make you my prime”.

How i came close and tried to hug you.
But got scared, you’d mind so I couldn’t just do.

Tried to ask if I could just hold your hand.
But I knew we’re no more a couple and just friends.

I sobbed with a fake smile so you don’t realize.
That I can’t express my emotions reaching the skies.

I love you still, please come back.
Kiss my soul, save my heart from a heart attack.