The story of how I became a star is not an easy one to tell. But it is definitely one worth knowing. Who knows, maybe one day it will be your turn and you will be prepared. No, actually, you will never be prepared. Nonetheless, I will now try to describe this intriguing situation.

I shall be more specific. I am not a star yet. Otherwise I would not be able to write this entry. I am currently sitting... wait, can you sit in space? It is more like I am floating with my legs crossed in a corner of the universe. From here I will start travelling to find the place I am meant to occupy until the end of this new existence.

Temporarily removed

How did I end up here, you may ask. Well, I have kind of always been here. This is a place where you await your turn to start a new life. I am not dead, nor am I alive. I was human, yes. But, you know, once you find yourself here, you realize you never really left. Everyone, everything was, is and will always be here. This is a place of possibility, of speculation, of expectation.

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How do I know I will be a star, you may ask. Because I feel the pull. Every form of existence in the flow of life has a particular pull. But you only start feeling it when you approach it. Or rather, when it approaches you. Right now, I feel my limbs slowly dissolving, growing lighter and lighter, absorbing the colors of fire.

The time has almost come. I can not fathom how I was able to fulfill this last wish but I am glad I could. Now I have one last favor to ask of you, who have found this piece of paper in some corner of the universe, whoever you are, before I become something that doesn't need to wish anymore: please, do not forget this human being, do not forget this soon-to-be-star, do not forget that I, you, and everyone else, will always be... me.

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