Hi there ! So I decided to write about a quite big thing..again ha. I thought it would be fun to share some things that I have learned about life during the past years and especially this year. I've actually realised a LOT of stuff. I want to inspire you too, help you find YOUR own way to live. Because there are 7 billion people living on this planet; and every life is different. Life is honestly so much better when you know what you want and what are your GOALS! These thoughts have helped me find MYSELF, my values and how to stay fit and healthy as well! 👇

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Do only the things that make you happy.

I started thinking like this when I was procrastinating with all of my school work. I thought: ok, if it doesn't make me happy in any way why would I do it? But because I knew that after studying I'd be proud and happy of myself I made all the schoolwork. It's the same with going to the gym. It maybe doesn't make me happy when I'm going there, but after the workout I'm almost everytime really happy.

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You really can NOT please everyone. So just please yourself.

Someone will always dislike your actions or whatever about you. It's the same from the way you dress to how you talk. You will never be loved by EVERYONE. But the most important thing is that you'll be loved by the RIGHT ones, if you'll be yourself and do things just like you want to.

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Do everyday your best.

I used to just passively wake up every morning, go to school, come home and stay home, maybe studying or watching Netflix - on repeat. That was my life. I realised that this isn't the best I can do and that it is not the life I want live. Everyday I was making excuses; why I'm not doing any sports, why I'm not chasing my dreams! Fuck excuses girl. Text below is so true.

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Don't be too attached to your friends

I kind of "splitted up" with my best friend. It was so hard for me and I was really depressed for two months. Letting go was extremely hard and my life was all about crying alone in my bed. But I survived. I made new friends and most importantly: I became happy again. You can't force people to be in your life. Letting go is such an important skill.

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Your style, your taste in music, what you love, the things important to you, your hobbies and the list goes on. You should be proud of the things that make you you, not ashamed of them. Don't care if someone laughs at you because they don't really need to understand your own stuff!

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People who are mean to you are either jealous, insecure, seeing someone they miss, or someone they'd want to be, in you.

This is really important; never think that you are imperfect in any way if someone is acting rude to you! Because too often people can be really jealous to other people. And that leads us to the next one:

Do not be jealous to others.

Your friend gets amazing grades? Well she probably works hard as hell for them. Someone has your dream body? She probably works her ass off in the gym. Sometimes it may feel like everything is easier for others. But it's not and you can't know what they are battling against in life. Maybe the girl who has the perfect body has had a lot of eating disorders and now has found a healthy relationship with food and sports. Think of what you'd be jealous to yourself about if you weren't you.

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I think I'll leave you thinking about these for now. I still have a LOT to say, so if you liked this article give it a like! <3 I hope you have a nice week,
xoxo Anni