I think happiness is our ultimate goal in life, at least thats the case for most people. Happiness is not a destination though, its really a state of mind. Here are some simple tips that you can add to your day to bring a dash of happiness to your life.

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1. Attitude - Attitude is everything in life, the way you react to things. That is all up to you.
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2. You only get that moment once - Everything in life passes and nothing last forever that is why we have to embrace every experience in our lives even if its not the best.
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3. Speak good, be good - Kindness and selflessness actually do more good for us, then for others. Take the time to reach out to someone, do something kind for a stranger.
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4. Set up your goals and make a plan to reach them.
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5. Surround yourself with good hearted people - People that fill your soul instead of draining it. People who also have big dreams and are working to achieve them, people that inspire you to do the same.
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