Well I'm on my computer typing because this feature has yet not been released on the app. Which would be much more convenient for me as me and my phone has practically become one. If you have seen the movie Avatar (which I bet you have) then me and my phone have that connection as the Avatar had with the animals. A bond so to say.

avatar, movie, and Best image

I could not find a good picture with the bonding... but you get what I mean.

I have been thinking of writing something when the whole article thing came out and was announced. BUT first i could not understand how its done and secondly not on the phone. And I'm lazy AF so for me to turn on a computer is hard work.

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The purpose of this post was just to pas the time. And to get my thought of off things. I have a class in leadership in an hour and I have to write an essay that is due in 2 weeks but has to be monitored due to my dyslexia in a week... so feel my frustration... or not

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I might or might not post something more coherent next week. I have thought of starting a YouTube channel after I stopped writing my blog, due to pictures issues. But this will due for now. As you probably have read in my description I love to express my self in quotes, and after all this time nothing has changed. Well I have stopped looking for quotes and most quotes that I have can be related to me in some way. I even printend some out on my walls to have as motivational posters yay me.

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well This is just me rambling I better start some on my essay.

I'll See you around. Thanks for reading.

PS: sorry to all Stevens universe fans for a miss leading title you can get a picture as a reward for reading (scrolling through) this blogish thing

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