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"All of them were hiding behind a mask."

Chapter 7

"What do you mean you saw no tattoo? It covered half of her face! How did you miss it?" Ivy sighted in disbelief.

"I told you, there was no tattoo. I don't know what you saw, but I sure as hell didn't see anything", Mary claimed.


"No, there was no tattoo, leave it be Ivy. Seeing things that aren't there is no good sign and if you don't want me to call you a therapist, then stop." If Ivy didn't know Mary better she could have thought that she was scared. Angry even. But it was Mary. She was never ever scared. She was Ivy's rock when everything else was crumbling.

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Ivy turned to look ahead of her. The sun was already setting and throwing its long shadows over the streets of New York. It was pretty. The glow painted Mary's face with a warm golden shade. Her brown skin looked even prettier than in the normal day light.

They walked in silence. Oh well it was never really quiet in New York, but the girls didn't talk. Both of them seemed to be engaged in their own thoughts. When they reached Madison Street Mary opened her mouth braking the silence.

"I'm sorry", she said.


"Oh don't make me say it again. You heard me the first time", Mary sighted.

"I didn't, what did you say again?" Ivy said smiling smugly.

"I said... I'm sorry", Mary repeated herself quickly.

"And you promise you'll never call me a crackpot ever again?"

"No way! You're totally the craziest friend that I have."
"But I love you", she added.

Mary ruffled Ivys curly hair and made a wide smile rise onto her friends lips. And just like that the tension between them was gone with the wind. And just in time, because they were standing in front of their destination. A small building located in between of two tall structures. The wooden door was almost as big as the building itself and decorated with small metal objects. And there were hundreds of little lightbulbs attached to the wall around it.

"This place looks pretty! Where did you get the tickets again?" Mary asked with her eyes sparkling with excitement and wonder.

"It was some stupid quiz at school, let's go inside", Ivy answered and pulled the huge door open.

As the double doors opened the music playing inside billowed over the girls. Mary glanced at Ivy who gave her an exited smirk. They stepped inside and were surprised of what was waiting inside. There was a huge lobby filled with dancing and laughing people. The music swarmed around the crown making everyone swing to the enchanting melody. It was beautiful.

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But not only was the music beautiful, the people were too. The girls were wearing long graceful gowns, that waved around them as they danced. The glimmering details made it seem like they were swimming in a sea of diamonds. The guys were no less beautiful. All of them had long different colored suits on. And like the dresses the suits were also decorated with golden and silvery details. They all looked unique. Enchanting.

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But what they all had in common were masks. All of them were hiding behind a mask. In some cases the mask only covered a part of their faces, but others had hidden their entire face.

Mary let out a mesmerized breath and threw her hand onto her cheeks. She turned to look at Ivy.

"Do you see what I see?" she whispered.

"If you see people without faces, then yes", Ivy said.

"Oh I do!" Mary exhaled. Then she turned her face down to her clothes. Her eyes wandered along the fabric of her denim jacket and flew to Ivy's black pilot jacket.
"I do think we're a little bit under dressed though", she then said. Ivy agreed. Their clothes weren't even close to the beauty of the other gowns in the room. She tried to dig her memory, but couldn't remember anything about any dress code.

"May I take your jackets please?" a deep voice interrupted Ivy's stream of thoughts.

The girls turned to see to whom the voice belonged. As expected the owner of the voice was hiding behind a mask. All Ivy could make out of his face was his glimmering blue eyes. He raised his brow to remind the girls he had just asked them a question. Ivy blinked and opened her mouth.

"Oh, y-yeah sure", she stuttered starting to strip her jacket. Mary headed the example and did the same. They both handed their jackets to the man who then turned and disappeared into the mass of swaying people.

"Sooo... what thing is this exactly?" Mary asked placing her hands to her hips.

"I don't know, this was supposed to be a premiere of some movie– wait I have the tickets with me!" Ivy realized and put her hands deep into her pockets. For a moment she scoured her seemingly empty pockets before they touched something. Ivy pulled her hand out of her right pocket and with it came a creased piece of cartoon.


She straightened the ticket and handed it to Mary. It was matte black with silvery edges, and in silver cursive it said:

We welcome you to spend a magical night in a wonderful company.
– The Dream Theatre

Mary turned the invite around to see the back of it, but it was empty.

"That's it?" she let out. "Well it sure ain't very precise."

She handed it back to Ivy who hid it back into her pocket. When Ivy lifted her gaze back up it collided with a pair of familiar eyes.

"Oh no!" Ivy sighed and draw in a deep breath.

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