Day 6. Make a list of your favorite movies.

Hey lovely people, I hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday. To be honest mine is really bad so far, but never mind... I'm gonna list my fave films from all time. I'm not gonna spoiler anything because I don't like when someone does it:)

I hope you'll like it.

1. Harry Potter -As you can tell now, I'm a big HP fan, and the story is the same with the books, I can't pick just one, I equally love all of them.

2. Rock Star -I'm a big fan of rock music, and this film is about being a rock star as you can see in the title.

3. Interview with the vampire -I just love how Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are together in a film, and I love vampires too.

4. Lost boys -Same regular, rock n' roll vampire story, I can totally recommend this to anyone who loves rock or vampires!

5. Pirates of the Caribbean -I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP! that's all:D

6. Cry baby -young Johnny Depp, I guess I don't have to say anything else.

7. Edward Scissorhands -a classical movie directed by Tim Burton and starring by Johnny Depp, no words needed!

8. Pulp Fiction -Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. He is one of my absolutely, childhood favourite directors, so this is need to be written down.

9. Crimson Peak -To tell the truth I'm not a big fun of horror movies, but this is a beautiful ghotic romance with ghosts, and Tom Hiddleston who is my favourite actor since forever.

10. Iron Man -First I watched the movie because I thought Black Sabbath's famous song 'Iron Man' has something to do with it... Actually no, but a good film and I love Robert Downey Jr.

So this was my top 10 film list:) I hope you liked id! And so sorry for my bad English:D I'm trying really hard!
See ya tomorrow!