Or could I?
Defining things I couldn't live without is quite hard. I think you could actually live without everything (except your body/oxygen/water etc ofc). So I'll change the challenge a bit into.

4. Make a list with things, your life would be shit without

Image by Sbshah nature, water, and indie image
  • art - in every way: books, paintings, poetry, photography, architecture and even music
  • nature - if you read my earlier articles you probably already noticed it but I love the nature a lot
  • my loved ones - family and friends
  • good food - if you'll ever meet me, I'm probably the one eating some fries
  • travelling - I would go crazy if I had to stay at home all the time
  • writing - creating my own text etc. reliefs my stress so much and it's very important to me
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I know this was really short but it was a rough day and I'm exhausted. I had my first exam yesterday and I'm still tired of all the studying.
Enjoy ur evening/morning/day (depends on the time you're reading this).
Eva ♡