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Here I am again, as promised. Yesterday, I posted an article about how I actually came across Law of Attraction, but because there is so much more to say, I decided to split that story into few articles.

Also, I am thinking of writing articles as a journal - write about when something interesting happens, how it made me feel, my view on things that make impression on me through the day, relationships, goals, emotions, inner fight, anything that comes to my mind that can maybe help you. If you wanna support me, keep on reading, heart this article and give me your honest opinion in messages :)

Sooo, I made my coffee, put it on my terrace so it can get colder faster :D I always do that, I wish there was some magical s*it that can make my coffee drinkable immediately.

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Let's jump into positive vibes and wonderful and joyful energy!


First of all, it's important to understand that everything you say is an affirmation. Positive or negative, it is.

In one of her guided meditations, Louise Hay said that "every word you speak" shapes your reality.

Universe hears you and responds to your words.

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By becoming aware of your words, and paying attention to how you talk about yourself, others and the world that surrounds you, you are taking one huge and very important step.

How the f♡ck am I suppose to do affirmations?

First of all, start paying attention to how you talk, as I said. Aware or not, you affirm all day, as soon as you open your mouth.

Next. Darling, let go of words should and have to. Replace them with "I could..." and "I am going to...". You can't even imagine how only this can make enormous changes!

Speak in present. If you knew how strong vibration is behind the words I am, you would use them much carefully.

Use I am for anything you wanna manifest! Instead of saying "I will be healthy", say "I can feel perfect health in every cell of my body! I am getting healthier and healthier every moment of the day! I am energized, I have strength! I AM STRENGTH!", whatever raise your vibration and makes you feel better than you feel now!

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The reason why you use affirmations in present tense, is because Universe doesn't make a difference between past, present and the future. It also doesn't make a difference between positive and negative statements. How so?

If you say "I don't wanna be sick anymore!", Universe hears "sick". Okay, got it - it gives you more of that. Anytime you catch yourself speaking negatively, say a positive affirmations on top of that. Why? Because it is more powerful and it's gonna help you focus on your words even more.

So, say "I am a picture of health! I know that it is easy for me to get better! Universe got me, life got me, I am safe!".

Even if it doesn't feel real for you at the moment, or your mind starts saying "How can you say you have something when you don't, how can you claim to be something when you're not", it is going to be okay, I promise.

I went through all that s*it, really. But I was consistent, I believed. My desire to be happier and fulfilled was bigger than all that bulls*it.

Yes, I cried.
Yes, I was angry, soooo damn angry! What I did?
I spread my arms, hugged my anger, my tears, my shaking body, and said "All is well!"

If you read my last article, I said there I was numb for a very long time. And trust me, that's worse than any crazy emotion you can think of!

I didn't have anything to lose! I let all those emotions come out and let them be. Hey, I WAS FEELING SOMETHING! I'm alive! I'm not a robot! Holly s*it!

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I decided to work on myself every single day of my life, for the rest of my life. Why?

Because I was born to be happy, and I deserve to make myself happy!
Now that I know I can do it, and that my happiness lies in my lap, sleeps in my mind and starts in my heart, I'd be crazy not to be happy!

Yes, it takes time. Affirmations are not magic words you can use to manifest something, affirmations don't have that much to do with manifestation itself. We use them to raise our vibration, to enhance our mood, to feel better.

So listen to me now!

-Turn off the TV
-Search for some books about Law of Attraction, I deeply recommend Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks, but whatever gets your attention is right for you!
-Google some affirmations and start using them
-Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, your mind will find the ways to do it! Only you can change your life, no one can do it for you!

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-Give yourself time. You can start over and over and over and it's okay! Sometimes you move faster, sometimes you move slower, so what? If you keep moving, you gotta arrive at your destination, hun!
-Be cautious about you give your attention to, because you'll attract more of the same. Translation: focus on the things that make your soul dance, even if there is some s*it going on. So what, it happens, but you're not gonna change it by giving it attention and feed it with energy.
-*STOP* punishing yourself for your imperfections!

Life will show you the reflection of thoughts. It takes time to learn how to be attracted to what's good for us.

Until you change your thinking, you will always recycle your expiriences. Let it all go! Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU RE READY TO VIBRATE HIGHER! DON'T OVERTHINK LIFE - TRUST IT!

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I hope I managed to touch you even a little bit! If I made you feel better even 1%, that's so fu*king awesome! You are awesome! We all are!

Check my Surface article if you haven't, heart this if you like it!

Give me your honest opinion in messages about what would you like to read about in my articles :)

Love you al!

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