Ever wondered what could give you more energy other than energy drinks or coffee? Many of the population is addicted to coffee or energy drinks. A fast and easy cure to satisfy are needs immediately. But what if you could change this with a small change in your diet? This article will explain about insulin and how carbohydrates are not the number one source of energy for the body.

What is Insulin ?
-Insulin is considered to be the main anabolic(demandsenergy) hormone created by the pancreas.

Insulin has many functions :
- Supports blood sugar (lowers blood sugar)
- Stores sugar in the liver and muscles and transforms the excess into fat.
- It helps us absorb amino acids and potassium
- retains sodium
- Blocks fat burning mechanism

Its main purpose is to lower our blood pressure. It allows the cells in our body to absorb glucose; meaning the glucose production and secretion made by the liver is inhibited by the concentration of insulin in the blood.

Consequences of higher insulin concentration:

Insulin keeps our body from rising above 100mg/dl ( for an visual image, image 1 gallon and a half of blood). Technically our body only needs one teaspoon to function and satisfy that 100/dl. I believe anyone can already image the amount of sugar they are putting inside the body. Trust me it was a surprise for me as well. Now when we ingest too much sugar the low concentration of insulin that’s overlooked by the higher concentration of glucose will send a signal to the pancreas demanding it to release more insulin to inhibit the excess sugar in our body.

Why do we need insulin ?
The body has this mechanism of homeostasis, areas in which our body demands a certain balance. Just like when we get sick. When we have a fever its because our body is fighting the virus in our body creating heat from the activation of our immune system.

Thus lets see it as this, sugar being like toxin to our body, sends a signal to the pancreas to secrete more insulin to combat the toxin. End of result instead of having a fever we get tired instead. Our energy diminishes because insulin is an anabolic hormone, which means it demands energy to perform. And in the long run, a continuous excess in sugar may affect our vision, the heart, diabetes, inflammation, and visceral fat.
Here is something that surprised me when I learned about this.
We always heard that glucose is our number one source of energy. Here is what I’ve learned. Glucose is first on the list because it is the first one to be digested or should I say it’s the most important one to be dissolved from the body. Glucose is not the preferred food for the body. In actual fact, what our body prefers is fat. Our body goes after sugar first because as mentioned before, it’s the one causing the most damage.

Causes and consequences of high level of insulin ?

- high blood sugar (high blood sugar means high concentration of insulin)
- our body retains more sodium
- doesn’t block fat
- our energy lowers, because insulin requires energy to function
- Cortisol (the stress hormone) stimulates insulin.
- Nicotine and caffeine stimulates cortisol thus releasing more insulin.
- Also anytime you eat “anything” it will stimulate insulin.

What is insulin resistance ? :
Insuline resistanceInsulin resistance is a mechanism that the body has created to prevent the sugar in our system from evading the body.

How to lower Insulin:
- reduce or stop sugar and refined carbs (actually our body can make
- glucose on its own from the fat and protein we eat)
- eating fat (it has a neutral effect on insulin)
- apple cider vinegar seems to help insulin sensitivity
- potassium

Lower insulin in the blood promotes catabolism; meaning it breaks down molecules into smaller units that are either oxidized, thus releasing energy or used for anabolic reactions.

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