Hi! So here is the third day of the 15 days writing challenge- Make a list of your favourite books. I hope you enjoy :D

First I need to say that I really like reading. I haven´t got so much time for that because honestly I´m more an active type of person so I rather spent my free time doing sport or being with my friends. But when is chilly autumn morning there´s nothing better than get cozy with a great book <3

  • Harry Potter

I know that probably most of you know these books but I love them from the bottom of my heart <3 I fell in love with Harry Potter books when I was a little girl and my mom read them to me and now I get back to them almost every year especially when it´s fall. They´re so magical and yes, I would like to study in Hogwarts :D

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  • The tiger saga

I think that these are my favourite romantic books. I really love the story and characters. The tiger saga is definitely not only a love story, it is also about big mysterious adventure trough India. I really recommend these books <3

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  • Dan Brown

He is one of my favourite authors. I can´t decide which of his book I love the most (all of them are fantastic) but it will be probably Inferno or The lost symbol. About his books I really like that they are adventurous and mysterious. There are lots of facts from history and architecture because Brown describes many interesting beautiful places from the whole world.

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So that´s it :D
I hope you have a great day :)