It's time for the fourth day of the 15 days writing challenge and I'm going to list few things I couldn't live without. I won't list too ''obvious'' things, like food, water, money etc.

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My laptop

It's one of the most useful things that I own. And nowadays big part of the school projects are done on a computer.

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My bed

The best thing about coming home after a long day, is of course - lie down on my own, comfortable bed.

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I mean, I love it. That's all I can say.

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For me, weekend is a perfect time to relax and forget all the stress (at least I'm trying to).

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Comfy scarves

Autumn edition! One of the best things in Autumn is wearing comfy scarves. They are comfortable, nice-looking and warm.

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It's good to have a bit of fun sometimes. And laughing definitely makes me feel better!

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Final words

Thank you so much for reading my articles, I really appreciate it. Tomorrow I'll be back here, and I'm going to write a short story or a little part of a longer story.

Until tomorrow!

♡ erinlilian