Do you like to search and follow the fashion trends?

If you like to follow fashion like myself try this fun challenge.
I will list seven autumn/winter trends and the challenge is to build an outfit based on the piece of clothing, accessory or color.

Also, I hope this article serves as an inspiration!

Let the challenge begin!

1. Silk shirt

fashion, gold, and inspiration image denim, inspiration, and silk image

2. Mesh top

fashion image fashion, black, and outfit image

3. Pop of red

fashion, red, and style image red, style, and aesthetic image

4. Denim on denim

kelsey simone, denim, and fashion image fashion, denim, and outfit image

5. Beret

Mature image girl, aesthetic, and brown image
If you want to know more about this trend I have an article talking about the beret and how to style it

6. Tailored suit

fashion and indie image fashion, girl, and outfit image

7. Chunky boots

grunge, black, and boots image

I hope you like it!
Send me your suggestion on how you would style these trends!