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I have recently finished my MSc degree and I'm FINALLY done with the university education. As of now, I'm still trying to come to terms with what it really means for me. My reality has changed in a variety of ways. I had certain very well-defined goals and I have been striving to achieve them. I have been dreaming BIG and believing in myself, taking those nicely-looking notes and coming at the top of the class. I have really done this.

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And guess what, real life took over. I had to adjust my plans and dreams. I had to adjust to the realities of a job market and its demands and completely shift my career path.
It hasn't been as enjoyable as it may sound. I didn't feel any excitement and didn't see myself doing the things I'm supposed to do to support myself. I had to let my dreams go. I guess for many of you this is an unthinkable thing to do, a sign of the ultimate defeat.
I used to be like that.
But then real life hits you. HARD.

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I haven't done all my homework from this situation yet. But there are some lessons I have learned.

It is all about flexibility. Even if it means letting go of your dreams or adjusting them to the reality of life and the world outside.

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Don't despair if it seems that your dreams are shattered. They might be for a moment. Try to remember yourself from the time when they were everything that mattered to you. Don't let the hope go that one day you may be able to pick up where you left off and go for them again.

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There are no dream jobs when you are 20 something.

Allow yourself to fail. Just allow yourself. Find strength in YOURSELF to admit to YOURSELF that you have failed and that it's a natural thing to happen. Having done that you can see more clearly that something finished so something new can begin.

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Allow yourself to stay in bed, under covers, eating ice cream for some time. Even if it is longer than one day or one week - provided you are not messing up with too many things in your life. You need to pamper yourself after failure.

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Create a gallery of beautiful, inspirational and aspirational characters - real or fictional. Curate it thoughtfully so they really represent your deepest aspirations and ideals. They may save you one day when there will be nothing and no one elese to hold on to.

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And believe me, there is nothing given for certain. There are less things under your control than you may think. The sooner you realise that the sooner you will learn how to navigate in this life.

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I am still learning.


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