I've been struggling with anxiety and depressive episodes for a long long time now. Here is some advice on what to do in case you find yourself sad or anxious. Some tips on here i figured out on my own, others I got from my therapist or found somewhere on the internet.

  • Write down your feelings

Sometimes there is so much in our heads that we just can't think straight anymore. Writing it down helps to sort those feelings and thoughts.You can either use a classic diary or simply type it down on your computer or phone. It might also help to write it on a piece of paper and tear it up.

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  • lock your feelings away

This is a technique I learned in my therapy sessions and it's especially useful when old memories come up over and over again and you want to forget about them or just don't want to think about them for now.
Imagine said memories are on a video tape and the film is playing on the screen. Use your imagination to turn off the imaginary TV, the screen is black now. Take the tape and lock it away in a safe. Only you have the key and decide whether you want to think about those things or not.

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  • having a "save space"

Your personal save space can either be a real place like your room where you can snuggle up in a blanked or it can also be imaginary.
How your imaginary save space looks is up to you. For me it was always in the forest. It hasn't to be necessarily realistic. Think about the details: What would it smell like? Are there animals, other people? This also distracts you from whatever gives you anxiety.

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  • reality checklists

When you feel dissociative, spaced out etc. take notice of everything you can see, smell, feel,...maybe write it down: the date, time, color of the walls,...

  • go outside

This sounds stale but really helps to distract you from bad thoughts. Meet up with a friend or go on your own, go for a walk, get some fresh air, go to a public place...maybe stop by for a coffee or hot chocolate.

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  • lift your mood

Another way to distract yourself is watching your favourite comedy show or looking at photos from you and your family or friends, from your latest vacation etc.

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  • take care of yourself

Take a shower or a bath, put on fresh clothes, maybe do a face mask, moisturize with a nice smelling lotion.

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  • breathe slowly

Place one or both of your hands on your belly. Take slow breaths, keep your mouth closed and inhale slowly through your nose by pushing your stomach out.

  • ASMR

...stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and describes a pleasant tingling sensation or the feel of deep relaxation some people feel when hearing certain sounds. There are so many videos on YouTube with many different triggers.
Not everybody experiences the tingles but i personally really enjoy it. It's definitely worth giving it a try as it can also help you fall asleep.


Other ways to get you distracted...

  • clean / decorate your room
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  • listen to your favourite music

just make sure to avoid songs that remind you of bad things or make you sad again

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  • draw

whether you're an artsy person or not, just scribble down whatever you want

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And last but not least: Don't be afraid to seek help. Whatever you're struggling with, it's not your fault. Talk to a friend, family member, a teacher or any other person you trust or consider going to a professional psychologist.