room, vintage, and art image
  • Work and get my first Art Degree
fitness, abs, and fit image
  • Join the gym and make it a routine
food, healthy, and breakfast image
  • Find a balance & healthy diet
hair, white, and hairstyle image
  • Get White Hair
happy, healthy, and life image
  • Create my own healthy lifestyle
aesthetic and white image
  • Write my Blog
youtube, overlay, and video image
  • Start an Youtube Channel
friends, the dreamers, and run image
  • Visit all the Museums of my city
esperanto image
  • Learn Esperanto by myself
fashion, olivia palermo, and style image
  • Get a job
car, chill, and drive image
  • Get my Driving Licence
summer, cactus, and sunglasses image
  • Have the best Summer Hollyday ever
sunset, shadow, and yoga image
  • Practice Yoga and Pylates
yoga image
  • Opening my Chakras
blood, donor, and mi picturs image
  • Donate my Blood