Most of the songs on this list are like grungy or metal/rock-ish but i've also put some K-pop in this list because, love me some K-pop ღ
Also it's more like a list of my fave songs right now, so i might make another one ^^

♡ 1. Antisocial - Anthrax

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After i watched IT with my boyfriend he forced me to listen to some Anthrac songs and I didn't expect myself to like it but I actually did so you may give it a shot too ღ

♡ 2. Go Go - BTS

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I AM OBSESSED, for real the new album saved me. Go Go is LIT and MIC drop is gangster and DNA oml I'm just shook. ღ

♡ 3. We Still Believe (Acoustic) - Stick To Your Guns

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Stick To Your Guns has been my favorite band sinds i was like 12 and the lyrics just touch me. Every damn time ღ
We still believe
We are the ones, who stay awake,
while the world sleeps.
Because we still believe.
We are the ones, who will achieve,
what the world dreams.
Because we still believe.

♡ 4. Serendipity - BTS

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♡ 5. Monsoon - Tokio Hotel

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This is the kinda vibes i get when i listen to this song tbh ღ

Don't blame me, but i don't know any other songs of Tokio Hotel. I was playing guitar hero with my sister and found this song (probably the most populair one) and i just couldn't stop playing this song because of the calm vibes ღ

♡ 6. Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon

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I don't listen to BMTH anymore to be really honest, but this song just means a lot to me ღ

♡ 7. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's

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It's just so calming. For some reason acoustic songs just make me emotional but also make me feel calm especially during autumn ღ