Cats are really too cute and adorable. It is a really calm animal and there are many advantages to having it. I will try to convince you to have a cat at home! Let's go !

01. Their purring is one of the most comforting sounds that exist.

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Studies show that purrs can reduce stress and blood pressure.

02. These are real machines hugs, and they do not discriminate.

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They will always be there for you, they feel when you are sad and often ask for hugs. They annihilate the feelings of loneliness with their unconditional love.

03 Since they do not need to bath, they require very little maintenance.

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They know how to do everything on their own, to wash themselves, to go to do their needs in their litter, a cat is almost autonomous in the reverse of a dog.

04. Their life expectancy is much longer than most domestic animals, around 14 years!

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It will stay with you for a long time of your life!

05. Their athletic energy and agility make every game fun.

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You can play with your cat and you will see that it can do amazing things.

06. Cats are small and take up much less space than most dogs.

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They sleep in really unlikely places and it's quite fun.

07. You can leave a cat at home for a whole day (with enough water and food, of course) without ever having to worry about its well-being.

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08. If you get bored, a cat will let you kill time!

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Indeed, although he does not need you to play. You can always try to participate in the fun. If he accepts, you can spend time occupying it, and it is never time lost.

09. This is silent!

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Unlike the dog the cat does not bark. However, he meows when he is hungry, when he wants to go out or go home. These are the only times you will hear it.

10. It's a lesser investment than a dog!

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