Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

October is around the Corner and with that so is fall. Personally, I'm already 110% in the fall mood and hyped for everything that comes with it. For everyone that can't wait for fall to kick in in their country, here are 5 days full of fall things to do.

Day One

start the day with a fall market.
Farmers markets are always perfect to get in the right mood for fall. Pumpkins, flowers and a lot more.

girl, fall, and autumn image
autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

end the day with a picnic.
Perfect to already use your new purchased goods. Decorate your blanket with the new pumpkin, eat the cheese you bought, drink the wine, read the new book. The options are endless.
Plus, a day in nature will lift your spirit immediatly.

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Day Two

go through a corn maze.
Honestly, with a corn maze I think of my childhood. We always went to the lokal farm, and after running through the maze we kids got freshly milk from the cows and were allowed to pet the newborn calfs.
Sadly it closed, because people would throw away their waste in the field and completly destroyed the harvest for the farmer.

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autumn, corn maze, and black cat image

go for a bike ride.
Fresh air, nature, new perspectives. Bike riding is amazing if you just want to be alone with your thoughts or see new places near where you live.

autumn, fall, and bike image autumn, leaves, and fall image

cozy up.
After all that time outside you can allow yourself some time to relax. Get your comfiest sweater and get cozy with a hot drink and fall-scented candles.

autumn, fall, and candle image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, cozy, and fall image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

Day Three

make a fall photoshoot.
You don't have to be a model or even like getting photographed. You also don't need an expensive camera, because todays mobile phones have a pretty good quality camera. Just call your friends and start having fun and get lost in the autumn colours. It does not have to be at a forest, you can also have your photoshoot in the city.

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tread yourself.
And with that I mean treats. Caramel apples are a must for fall.
Also Halloween is coming sooner that later and that screams for haunted snacks. Bake a new cake, make pumkin bread, or pumpkin lattes, just everything pumpkin flavourd. Also sunflower seeds fit the theme of fall.

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image Halloween, fall, and autumn image

Day Four

take a walk.
Foggy mornings are the best to start a day.

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rain, autumn, and city image

garden work.
Okay, listen to me here. It may sound weird, but piling up leaves and jump into them afterwards let you live up your inner child again.
Plus, fresh, crisp air again.

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movie night or binge watching a new show.
Let the day end with a good old movie night. Scary movies, classics or children movies, comedys or romance. Your options are full.
Also fall is the time with all new season of old series or completly new series to start.
Maybe you can even eat the rest of your fall treats. If there are any leftovers.

pizza, couple, and movie image

Day Five

Pamper time.
After all the adventures you can allow yourself some pamper time. Your body, your skin and your soul wth thank you for it. Take a bath, light some candles, drink some wine (again; started week with it and end the week with it), use a face mask, do whatever lets you feel good.

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end the week with books.
Complete the chill day with getting in your cozy nook and start living another life and dream away in the story of the book.
Plus, Day Five is perfect for rainy days.

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autumn, book, and fall image
book, cozy, and autumn image
cozy, autumn, and fall image