Many of us are coffee addicted and that's not such a great thing, because stress and other happy things raising up with every cup, but better stressed then depressed. :D

So, why I love coffee?

1. Headache

It's unbearable! My head is burning, I'm tired, sleepy, grumpy...

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After that first happy cup, I'm another person: diligent, cheerful, kind... :)

2. It wakes me up

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Like, literally, without coffee I would fall asleep like a baby. In front of everyone. In the middle of an important meeting. Just like that.

3. Taste

Oh, that taste! Mmmmmmmm...

I like coffee without sugar, but, honestly, I don't even care enough to replace it if it's emergency. And it always is. I like espresso, nesscafe, turkish, latte, ice coffee... I love it all with all my heart, so thank you guys, thanks for being there, for your existence!

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4. Smell and look

Seriously, did you see these beauties?

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5. Coffee matches with sweets :)

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6. It's equally good hot and cold

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7. Coffee likes you too :)

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