If you know just one thing about me then that I love to write. I always picture myself with pen and paper, sitting somewhere writing my little heart out and I can’t remember a day where I haven’t written anything at all. Lists, poems, short stories, diary entries, instagram captions – you name it, I write it. So, you won’t be surprised that I have my own blog as well which is dedicated to my writing. Here’s a snippet of my latest post “How to survive a bad day” (of which I might do a shorter version as a weheartit article if you like) for you to enjoy:

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Listen, I don’t care if you’re gonna write it down in the notes of your phone, into your secret diary, on the back of your grocery list or you go all crazy and paint it all over your walls. Just get it out of your system. Write down everything that bothers you right now. Even if it is the smallest blister on your foot or that old lady next door who always eyes you up and down the minute you leave the house. Anything and everything that comes to mind. Write it all (or why do you think I’m writing this list right now?). Once it’s out, it’s out. That’s how therapy works, most of the time – and that seems to be working for most of the people, so you might gotta give this one a try, right?

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Just cut yourself some slack. Take a break if you need it – even if it lasts the whole day. In a generation like ours it feels like the biggest of all sins to spend a whole day doing nothing. The trick is to spread those days out, so you know there will be a phase where you’re working your cute little butt off, but there comes a time where you’re lying on that goddamn couch all day if you want and the world won’t end. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re running at the highest speed at all times if you burn yourself out by doing so. It’s not worth it. Sometimes you need to have a bad and boring day once in a while to put some things into perspective. So enjoy your free time while it lasts: put on some fancy music and a face mask if you like, do the little crossword in your newspaper or bake some good stuff as a treat. Just try to do something just for the sake of doing it, and not because you feel like proving yourself to anyone. It feels just as refreshing as it sounds.
[read the whole blog post: https://bluebayoublog.wordpress.com/2017/09/26/how-to-survive-a-bad-day/]

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If you made it this far – wow, I’m impressed you’re still here! Anyway I wanted to thank you all for giving me so much support and good feedback – I really enjoy writing these articles for you! And I hope I inspired you to pick up writing something yourself – even if it’s just the daily tasks you have to do or a list of your favourite socks. Oh, and feel free to stay in touch with me by leaving a comment or writing me a postcard if you have any questions or anything to add to this article - I do my best to reply as soon as possible, I promise!