A girl with a heart made of joy set off to the world to go on an adventure. While travelling from city to city, from countryside to countryside, the girl felt lost. She got her heart filled with confusion and coldness.

What was it that she wanted to go look for when she left home?
The map in her hands couldn't show it and neither could the people she met. She had to answer the quetion on her own.

For months the girl tried to figure it out until she finally returned home and then it hit her.


All this time she had been searching for another place that one could call home but in reality she already had one true place to live in.

The reason the girl felt lost and confused was because she forgot to take it with her on the journey. She wasn't carrying her home, her birthplace, her origin inside of her heart.

But now, she felt complete and warm. The girl laughed a little for being so clumsy and she promised that the same mistake wouldn't happen again.

Just some random short story I made. Hope you enjoyed!
:) :D