Here there are 12 things that I think are The Key to Success:

1. Laugh every day

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Enjoy those great moments and you will have great memories.

2. Believe in yourself

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If you believe in yourself you will achieve all you propose to yourself.

3. Be grateful

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Appreciate everything, the air, the sunlight, your friends, your family, all you have...

4. Smile

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With just a smile you can change someone's day, smile everyday!

5. Travel

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Get to know the world, other cultures you will find new ideas and new points of view and there's where you will learn about life.

6. Study

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Study and you will be well rewarded.

7. Eat healthy

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A healthy body is a healthy mind.

8. Sleep

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You need to rest to have energy the next day and make that day a great one.

9. Be positive

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Positive thoughts bring more positive thoughts and those thoughts become reality, which will bring good things (situations, people...).

10. Surround yourself with positive people

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Positive people will support you and inspire you, and you will become better.

11. Tell yourself "Today will be a good day" every morning

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Start with positive thoughts every morning and your day will be the best one, until the next day. ;)

12. Dream BIG

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Set yourself goals and achieve them. Place photos of things you want, somewhere you can see them everyday, and that will keep you inspired.

I hope you enjoyed this article and inspired you, remember to be positive and happy! -Alison G.