learning a language? here are 10 fun, simple, and unique ways to enhance your language learning without worrying about the 'textbook' side of things.

1. watch movies + tv shows with subtitles
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not only is this easy and enjoyable, but over time, you'll slowly pick things up in which books simply can't teach you. foreign movies aren't hard to find, just search it up on Netflix or ask Google.
2. listen + memorise songs
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music of every language is accessible anywhere nowadays. create a playlist and take up a challenge: memorise the lyrics.
3. read children's books
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start simple and easy with children's books - they're all over the internet, including translations of well-known English stories.
4. change your device settings
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switch your phone settings to your selected language. this way, you'll be faced with new words every day.
5. change Siri settings
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for Apple users, switch Siri to your selected language. this way, the only means of relying on her/him is if you speak in your new language. you can even practice your pronunciation by striking up a conversation. :)
6. take advantage of free apps
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while paid programs can be quite pricey, there are many free applications out there. they're right at our fingertips, and you can connect with other language learners online.
7. add notes to household objects
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you'll be faced with the translations of objects every day, and it's an easy way to memorise them.
8. document your journey
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whether it's a notebook or a vlog, capture your language journey each day. it's always cool to see your progress and how far you've come.
9. describe things on the go
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when you're out in public, try name things that you see. this will slowly train your brain to recognise things in that language.
10. find a buddy
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you don't have to learn alone. find someone who shares the same language interest as you, and encourage one another along the way.

here's one last tip: learning a new language takes time and dedication. it's not easy, but don't let that discourage you. keep finding ways to be motivated and reach that goal of fluency! happy language learning :)

love, rose.