He is moving the tall grass that adorns the garden when he feels someone behind his back .Since he returned from the supermarket, dozens of neighbors came to him wished him welcome. When they asked what he was doing in his garden and he replied that he was going to plant flower,he had almost all the same reaction; doubt and terror, as incredible as it may seem someone even fainted. But none had said what shocked them as they wished him a good day with a big smile, so convincing that he would have believed it if they had at least passed the portal of his house. Apparently the person behind him was not so easy to scare.

"Mr Taehyung Murakami?" asked a man's voice.
He grimaced when he heard his name pronounced in full. This should be a courtesy visit. He turns off his mower slowly, in time to tackle a smile on his face and turns. The man before him was definitely a police officer . In his thirteen, he was wearing a uniform with a badge of the police,something was off about him...but what ?

"Mr. Agent." he said while bowing his head.
The agent merely nodded.
"We do not expect you before the Spring."

"Is it a bad thing that I have come earlier?" asked Taehyung.
Why the police officer looked so ... bothered ?

"I did not say that Mr Mu ... e .."
"Taehyung is enough" he cuted off.
"Taehyung" repeted the officer. "I was just curious, I welcome you."

Taehyung simply nodded, waiting for him to leave, but the policeman looked at his home.
"you're properly.. installed ?"
He nodded his head.

"Theses neighbors .." sighed the policeman.
"I have a feeling that they don't really like my house." Taehyung said amused.
"This is because all the owners before you said that this house chassed them."

What ?

"Excuse me..the house chassed them ?" He repeated incredulously.
The policeman scratched his neck.
"I was asked to not talk to you about it, but this house ... how do they say, have the mark of the devil."

"What do they mean by chassed ?" Asked again Taehyung.
"I do not know, they have never really been able to explain, no supernatural manifestation, just the feeling of being watched ... discomfort, inconvenience, feeling that they should not be in this place .." he looked at the blue iced eyes of Taehyung. "Really all right?"

"Yes, officer," Taeyung looks up to look at the window of his room, "All is well."

The policeman looks at him for a moment before nodding.
"Good then..have a good day."
"You too."

He turned at the mower when somene patted him gently on the shoulder.
"Anything else sir ..." he began, turning around but stopped.

Because the garden was empty.++

It's 2am and as always since two months ago, Taehyung has his eyes wide open lying on his bed. Yet he had a long day, his first day at Buszng was to take care of his garden removing weeds. Now that the place was completely clear, he thought to check if the shadow he had seen on his steps last night was still there.

Taking the decision, he gets up slowly, putting his feet on the wooden floor and goes to the window to look down.

The garden has nothing but grass and bushes at the ends.
But the shadow in the form of a man was still in front of his door.++

Taehyung takes his coffee leaning against the edge of his kitchen dressed only in his boxer briefs. It is not particularly hot today, but he was too the lazy to put on something. He looked at his new at home sipping his coffee, a few strands of his black hair covered half of his view. Hm ... he thougt about having a cut. His hair was far more longer that he would have liked. Even though everyone said that it suited him when he was younger.

He wanted to go to the hairdresser , going there means seeing people.
And it was the last thing he want.

So he comes back to his first idea, to look at his garden.++

Taehyung begins seriously to think that he likes his own company more than anybody when he bumps the little finger of his feet against the edge of a cupboard. He sob and laughs, saying that it doesnt not hurt, but it really does holy hell.

It was there that he decided that some things of the house needed to disappear.++

Mr Jeong closed the door of his truck with a sigh of contentment.
"I'm happy to finally have these pieces of furniture, if you knew how long I wanted to have them! he said, rubbing his hands.

"You're welcome," said Taehyung raising a hand. "I am delighted to have been able to get rid of it."

" You will not regret it ?" Asked Mr. Jeong.
Taehyung shaked his head. Oh God no, his feet was more than happy to get rid of it.

"I'll leave you all the same until tomorrow to decide if you're sure." He handed him his card. "Call me if you ever change your mind."

"I do not think it will happen but ... thank you."
Mr Jeong nodded and headed to his driver's seat.

"Well I wish you a good end of the day Mr. Taehyung ! Mu .. k ..."
Taehyung smiled with understanding , which made the other man blush.

"Please,call me just Taehyung," replied the young man.
"Taehyung." repeats the trucker loving how the name of the beautiful blue eyes man rolled on his tongue, he immediately recovered by giving himself a mental and physical slap. "Well I'll go!"

Taehyung looked at him with round eyes like saucers as Mr Jeong gets into his truck and starts off.

"Is he also afraid of this house?" Taehyun asked aloud to no one.
He finally shrug and goes home.