Now I realized how precious you are to me
even if meet you 100 times, if I was reborn, I will fall in love with you 100 times
thankyou for falling in love with me
thankyou for hugging me
thankyou for always protecting me

It will never be enough to say that
sooner or later, I'm going to get used to eating alone
I don't feel sad at all
our times together would not be lost
you gave me happiness
what I can do for you is write you this
thankyou for being by my side
thankyou for smiling for me
thankyou for gently scolding me

I hope you will be happy because that is my wish
promise me, now walk, live your life
show me the smile that I like

goodbye to your large hand
goodbye to the dusk we saw together
goodbye to the voice calling me lovingly
I'm grateful to have met you
even if I shout it out 100 times, that will never be enough