Just a while ago I got to know that We heart it introduced articles to the app, which honestly caught my attention and brought my interest back to this app since I genuinely love writing. I would like to claim that English isn't my first language so probably the quality of writing isn't the best but despite that I still continue to write anyway.
I will be doing a 15 day writing challenge which is something I haven't actually done before so I'm pretty excited.
Day 1: Write about yourself
Here is a little introduction of who I am:
I prefer not to say my name since I wouldn't like anyone from the people I know to know I run this account.
I'm from Egypt, living in Cairo to be specific,I was born on the 8th of August,2000, and Leo is my zodiac sign. I'm an IGCSE student and this is my senior year and most of the subjects I'm studying are science subjects. I'm looking forward to be an engineer even though I'm very passionate about art and music.

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Now, I will just mention a few facts about my self:

1. Things I enjoy doing:
I like finding deeper meanings behind things, so I enjoy reading about the meanings of song lyrics and watching movies and analysing them really well.

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Another thing I really enjoy is photography, I just love taking pictures and editing them.

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Also, shopping really releases my stress away for some reason, I just love having something new in my closet all the time.

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2. Some facts about my personality:
I'm an over-thinker since I struggle alot with the way I'm supposed to live my life. I'm always afraid i'm not living my life to the fullest and I'm always trying to figure out the meaning of life which honestly makes me feel like I'm spending too much time thinking and analysing everything like why can't I just live ? On the other hand, I love to laugh a lot, I believe it is the best way to have a good and memorable time.

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3. A place I want to travel the most:
Turkey, is the first country that I would want to visit from all of the other countries on my list. 3 years ago, my Turkish bestfriend travelled back to her country and it was probably one of the hardest things that happened to me because we were pretty much inseparable, so getting to see her again would probably mean everything to me.

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4. What is my favourite colour ?
Honestly, choosing just one colour is a struggle but I think blue would top them all, and I love all of its shades.

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That's all for now. If you have made it until here, thanks a lot for taking the time to read my article, I really appreciate it <3. Hopefully, I will have the time to make more of these.
Goodbye <3