I was running. Running as fast as I could to try and get away. I wasn't trying to run away from anything to bad, just my old pesky thoughts. I got half way down my street and I had to stop to take a breathing break. My family had a lot of issues like most but mine were directly affecting me. I told my parents that I wanted to go to this fancy school, they said no of course but while I was trying to tell them about this school that wanted me, they were barely listening at all. They were to busy focusing on my brother and how he would deal if I wasn't there to help him. So I got sick of them not listening to me and just left.
When I got home, everyone was already in bed, they didn't come looking for me or even call me on the phone to see where I'd gone.

The next day while my brother and I were at school. This girl named Paris was getting bullied some girl, named Elisha. I went up to Elisha and punched her in the face. I was then hauled into the principles office for a week suspension. Bullshit! How is it fair that someone gets bullied and the one person that actually stands up to her, gets in trouble.
That same night, there was a knock on the door. It was Paris and her brother, they had brought a cake to thank me for punching Elisha.

I know it's a little short but there's more to come.
Madi xx