Hii lovies,
Today's #WhiChallenge of @TypicalGirl48 is to list the 5 things that make you most happy right now. So, enjoy reading!


nutella, wallpaper, and chocolate image

It’s kinda obvious for me, but yeah. It’s the truth haha. I don’t know why, but I just love Nutella. It’s good with almost every piece of food :p

Horseback riding

I just appreciate those moments when I can ride on my horse, totally relaxing and just forgetting everything around me. I put focus on just me and my horse, which I absolutely love. A horse really feels like a soulmate to me, since they will never, ever, gossip about you and they won’t say anything you trusted them for not to say.


book, the hunger games, and catching fire image

Again, this is kinda cliche. At the moment, I am quite busy, so I’m not really reading a book now. But I just love books, since they inspire me and I’ve got the feeling, somehow, that some characters are my friends. I really like to read what some characters experience, even though it may sometimes not even be possible, haha..


unicorn and pink image

I just love them <3

Happy people :)

This also includes my friends, as I love to see being them happy haha. I just want everyone to enjoy life, and do everything with a smile..

Thanks for reading again. I hope you liked it :)
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