My name's Sarah. Pretty boring name, I know. It was one of the most popular girl names of my birth year. It means princess (ew). Isabel isn't my last name, it's my middle name. My last name is kind of in limbo so I just use my middle name for most things. I was born on March 14th 2001 so I'm a Pisces but I think I fit the description of an Aries or Sagittarius more.

I guess we'll do the basics now. My favourite colour is green. My room is covered in green. I have a ton of green clothes. I even just dip dyed my ends sea green and kelp green. I've had a blue dip dye, red dip dye, purple dip dye, all red, all purple, and of course green dip dye. I've done all of them a bunch of times and I'm thinking of doing indigo, purple, and a (blue) green dip dye. I have a huge list of tattoos and piercings I want. I'll probably do a separate article listing them but right now all I have is an industrial on my left ear, double lobes on both sides, and a nostril ring on my right side (actually it came out so I'm getting it re-pierced this week).

I adore animals. My favourite animal is definitely lion. I've loved them since I was little. I could say so much about them but that's for another time. Also yes, The Lion King is my favourite Disney movie. My second is Brother Bear, which leads me into my other favourite animals. I love bears (specifically polar and grizzly), rhinos, hyenas, wolves, cougars, and jaguars. I actually really wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger. Until I realized I would never get good enough grades for vet school that is. Now I want to be an interior designer or event planner.

I love movies. Particularly horror movies, sci-fi/fantasy, and basically all Tim Burton, all the good Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movies, plus a bunch miscellaneous movies. I love music (who doesn't). I like random 80's music, alt rock, old school hip hop, and some classic rock. My dad likes to call it my 80's rap grunge rock n' roll music. I like a variety of tv shows. I mostly watch supernatural/fantasy, crime/law, and period dramas. i also read a lot. A lot. I was practically illiterate when I was young. No real reason. It just wouldn't click. The school brought in some lady who basically taught me how to read in a week or so. Now it's as if I can't put books down. I watch a bunch of YouTube. Mostly horror, political/news videos, reputable beauty/makeup videos, science/history videos, more artsy makeup channels, and other stray videos. I'll
go more in depth with example and the such in other articles.

Now, for a bit of background. I live in Calgary, Canada but I was born In Vancouver. My mother moved us to Calgary when I was about 3. I'm 16 so I'm currently in grade 11 in high school. This semester I have a spare period, Art, AP History, and Science 20 and next semester I'll have English 20-1, Ceramics 25, Social 20-1, and Math 20-3. If you wanted to know my schedule, now you know.

My best friend's name is Jayden. She's 8 days older than me and doesn't let me forget it. I met her in junior high but i wasn't friends with her until the second year. There was some sort of drama between a friend of a friend and her friend. I didn't really know what was happening but I was put on one side and she on the other. We were in the same class next year so I sat next to her and the rest is history. I've met my other friends along the way and a couple of them I've even reunited with after going to different schools.

I'm scared of spiders (not tarantulas or even scorpions, just the little spiders that you lose track of and sometimes jump), puppets, mascots, etc (the one and only Goosebumps episode to scare me was the Slappy the Dummy one and it scarred me for life, like seriously? Who f***ing gets their kid a ventriloquist doll), drowning (Iv'e always been a meh swimmer and I almost drowned as a kid) and wasps. They're a**holes. I'm not afraid of heights, sharks, or the dark. In fact, skydiving and swimming with (nurse) sharks are both on my bucket list and I practically live in the dark (my mom calls me a vampire because I'm pale, I stay in my dark room that's in the basement, and I'm light sensitive.

A couple other things. I love history (no sh**,'e advanced f***ing placement history---I know, I know...I'm sorry) in I also love mountains. I really want to travel but i couldn't imagine living away from the mountains, long-term. I also, also love horses. I swear like a trucker (the only things I won't say are the n-word and the f***** word) and I have little shame. I was borderline verbally abused my a "friend" when I was young so I kind of just stopped giving a sh** along the way. If my family was rich, I would have taken jumping lessons in a heartbeat. I now live vicariously through the riders I see at Spruce Meadows (famous equestrian facility in Calgary). My family used to have two dogs. One was mine and the other is my sisters. Mine passed away suddenly, earlier this year from an unexpected illness. She was born in April hence the daisy in my username.

* If you actually made it to the and without clicking off and want to hear more of my trash ideas/opinions, watch out for more. I'm super busy with school and being lazy so the 15 days will probably end up being a month. I'll try to get on the computer as much possible though. If anyone actually wants to request something just shoot me a postcard or hit me up on IG/SC (link in bio). *

With that I bid you all farewell since it's almost midnight (hopefully not for good though).

~ P.S. I'll try to censor myself since I know not everyone appreciates my swearing. If you see any uncensored swears or just regular mistakes, please let me know. I try to self-edit as much as I can but I still miss stuff.

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