I have been researching several countries all over the world and each of them has their own speciality, distinctive features and amazing cultures. But there are only three countries that attract me the most. These are Austria, Greece and the US. For me, they are countries that have all of my interests. Austria has the most amazing views, just like pictures. Greece has the most beautiful beaches and their interesting myths. The US has their modern skyscrapers, tall buildings and the food which I love. Now, I am going to tell you only about reasons why I love to visit that country.

First, Austria. “Austria is a country rich with history, beautiful places, traditions and activities that are distinct to the area. Along with neighboring Switzerland, it is the winter sports capital of Europe. However, Austria is just as popular for summer tourists who visit its historic cities and villages and hike in the magnificent scenery of the Alps.” (according to 17 Top Tourist Attractions in Austria) The very first place that I want to visit is Graz, the second largest city of Austria where you can find universities, museums, cafes and you can make new friends with more than 44.000 Austrian students. Also Graz is one of the old town in the centre Europe so tourists could see a little bit of Balkan State and Italy cultures. The next place I would like to visit is Zell am See. “Zell am See is an instant heart-stealer, with its bluer-than-blue lake, pocket-sized centre studded with brightly painted chalets, and the snowcapped peaks of the Hohe Tauern that lift your gaze to postcard heaven.” (Lonely Planet) You can swim in the lake, ride a bike or go hiking on the mountain. When I first look in the picture of Zell am See, I was so amazed by the blue of the lake, it looks like lakes in fairytales. The houses in the small village next to the lake have vintage concept and they look so unreal. Most of them are made by wood and they are very colorful. The last place I will visit is Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna is one of the most photogenic cities in the world so I may get some great photos here. Vienna’s houses usually have grey, white and brown color, vintage concept. They look just like houses and cathedrals in stories.

The next country, Greece. I love beaches and sea so I chose Greece. In my opinion, Greece has the most beautiful beaches. Santorini is an island and it has the unique beauty if it’s town and the taste of Turkish - influence cuisine. Sometimes at night, you can see the milky way or stars shining which are so beautiful. You can try to eat frozen yogurt for dinner or hire a quad bike and drive around the island. I think it would be amazing if you do those thing with you family. Another reason for me to fall in love with Greece is I love reading their myth stories of Zeus, Hera, Athena, Approdite,... I would love to visit the cathedral of Athena or Olympus mountain.

The last country, USA. I love looking at pictures of New York. Its brunches, buildings, parks, shops, penthouses, people, every part of it. I would love to live in New York, try its deserts and street food, live like a New Yorker, go to the pub, hangout, spending my birthday or the New Year’s Eve. I also love LA because of the sunshine and I was impressed by LA’s penthouses. I am obsessed with penthouse so I love LA. It would be amazing if I can visit the record studios, go to Taylor Swift’s concert or watching the models working. I just love the US and I really want to go there.

So those are countries that I would like to visit. But if I can then I would go to Korea then travel around the world because there are still lots of countries that I haven’t researched and for sure they are just as amazing as Austria, Greece or the US.
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Image source: 21 Most Comfortable Shoes Travel Bloggers Swear By