Ok this is my first Article so im so sorry if it is bad. This Article is inspire in @eifos9 writing challenge ( ) but this is gonna be more than just writing. You can do this in any order whenever you want,just cuz is a 7 days challenge dosen´t mean that you have to make it in a week. Here im just gonna suggest you random things to do and after your day is over you can write about it and add a photo of your day,you can post an Article or just write in a Journual,notebook,etc for your self.

- Day 1 : Find new music
Go to youtube, Spotify or any other place and find a new artist,band,etc.

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- Day 2: How about going back to an old project?
There are some things that we start but we never finish, (like a story we never finish,a drawing,a book,a movie,etc) have you ever think on going back to them? at least work on them a little bit more.

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- Day 3 : Make a drawing
Could be a hand drawing, a digital one,etc. And if you don´t know how to draw,how about try again and see what you can do? even a bunch of random doodles would be great!

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- Day 4 : Write a random story
There is this website that i found http://writingexercises.co.uk/story-title-generator.php it generate random titles, make a title that you like and write a story about it.

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- Day 5 : Watch a new movie or series
Is there a movie or series you always want it to watch? Or are you looking for a new one? how about do it today?

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- Day 6 : Have a blast from the past day!
Maybe listing to old music,old movies, dress inspire in older eras ,but i mean like your childhood!! you can listen to music you used like,play your childhood games,watch thoose old nick,disney shows!!

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- Day 7 : Change your room a little bit!
Maybe decor it for the holidays, the new seasons, move some things, add some things, have a room decor day!

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Hope you like my ideas,if you do them and write an article about them,tag me cuz i really wanna read them!!