Jack Gilinsky Imagine

~Y/N's POV

As you walked into the room, you saw Jack and Sammy, smoking as usual. You coughed as you felt the smoke travel into lungs. "Jack, we have to go." He stood up. "Not before I do this." He got up and pinned you to the wall, roughly kissing you. You didn't resist, for you always had feelings, Jack. He blew smoke into your mouth, still while kissing you as his hands roamed all over your body. Suddenly, he stopped. "Sammy, leave" "But-" "Leave, now." Sammy slowly exited the room, obeying Jack's commands. "Finally." he heavily said underneath his breath. He then continued making out with you and before you knew it, both of you ended up shirtless on the bed. Before it went any further, Jack said, "Y/N, I love you. And don't think I'm saying this just because I'm high and I'll forget this in the morning because that's false. I love you and I've loved you this whole time." You smiled. "God. I've been waiting forever to hear those words."

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