In my real life I'm still learning...
But I'm not ignorant

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Yea I peep the unevenness with people
They switch up
So of course I take note
Never liked to play the fool
So I make sure that I don't

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Thinking about "because"
Or what it could have been will leave you behind

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For this reason I proceed
To stay focus
To stay loyal
To stay humble
To my grind

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Yea I have goals don't you?
Oh you done hustling?
Oh that's cool
Whereas I have to proceed
To give God what I need

Do you know what that means?
See for me I understand, I believe
I see how the devil walks..That creeping one
So I dismiss myself, I don't condone
To what he moans n groans

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You know if he's not within you
Trying to disguise & feed lies
That I just don't condone

No, I won't allow him to get near me
I'm not the gingerbread man
I won't let the fox near me

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No I can't let him within me
So sometimes I do need to be to myself
To come back to the home within me
Where I'm satisfied
Where meditation is,
Where your truth lies.

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Like where the outcome is income.
Where breathing his word exudes him through your soul.
You see beauty & joy with his grace
I mean, have you ever had a taste?
of love that applies from centuries ago to the '99s?
The giving love that is more than what a sapien can give me

So nah I won't let the snake persuade me.

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