Jack Gilinsky imagine

~Y/N's POV

Your phone rang, it was your best friend Jack Gilinsky. "Hello?" "Hey babe, are you free right now?" His words were slurred, which was typical for Jack on a Friday night. "I'm your best friend, not you babe. DO you need me to pick you up?" "No, but what I do need is you." You sighed, "Jack I'm picking you up, this isn't safe." You hung up and grabbed your car keys. You could hear the music blasting as you pulled up to the house. As you opened the door, Jack J was sliding down the stairs. "Aye look, guys, it's Y/N!" Everyone cheered, as if you were someone special, even though you didn't know half the people there. You walked up to Johnson, he was both high and drunk. "Do you know where Gilinsky is?" He moved aside and pointed to the door at the end of the hallway upstairs. You walked up the stairs and straight into the room...

Authors Note: Hope you liked it. Part 2 will be up Monday or Sunday. I have school and next going to L.A. to see some people. Love feedback would also love more followers. More followers more post. I will post 50 things on WeHeart if I get 50 followers.

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