Thursday afternoon, when I was (trying and failing) to clean my room, I was happily shocked to see in my YouTube recommend section, Jhene Aiko came out with a short film.

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Like I stated in previous articles before, Jhene Aiko is probably one of my favorite artist to date.

While majority of her music soothes the soul and brings you peace, she still has songs that stir feels you never thought you could feel before.

Previous songs such as, Comfort Inn Ending, for instance, made me upset with all the ex's that took advantage of her at her weakest .

Then there’s songs like Eternal Sunshine, that bring me peace of mind when I think about the good times in my life and the things that make me happy.

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And then let’s not forget about the infamous line, “You got to eat the booty like groceries”, from Post to Be that bring out her flirty and sexy side.

So when I say YouTube came through with this recommendation.

They came through.

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Trip is about Jhene Aiko taking a journey to find herself after losing her brother.

About her numbing herself with drugs, having suicidal thoughts, and trying find closure in the wrong places. And then a eventually finding the closure she needs to heal and move on.

With her album having 22 songs, I figured I could make it easier on fans and non-fans, by fishing through the album and picking out certain songs that stood the most out to me and the lyrics to match it.

These songs will definitely be listening to frequently throughout the week.


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Makes me wanna escape my everyday life.

It has a very light and free feeling. Almost like I’m laying on a cloud dreaming. I’m in love with the second verse of the song, where she has a sing- song like, high pitched voice mimicking her. One of the shorter songs of the album.

“We did some shrooms and we smoked marijuana. Came all this way to escape our problems...”


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This song has more of an escape full feel.

Like she searching for something that she hasn’t found yet, but she’s at peace with that. The guitar note is very soothing.

“If anyone should try to find me, just know I’m where I wanna be”

While We’re Young

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Has to be one of my favorite songs she has every written.

In this song, she is confessing her undying love for the person she’s with. Reminds me of those romantic sunset scenes in a movie. This song makes me want to fall in love and live blissfully.

“Telling everyone your mine and I like. And I really hope you don’t mine, I can’t fight it.”


Didn’t really stand out to me at first until I heard Big Sean verse. I love how their voices flow together, giving a really peaceful vibe. Even bringing back some serious TWENTY88 vibes.

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It puts me in the same mind set as songs such as, London Bridges (which comes from self-titled album, TWENTY88), and Same Time, Pt. 1 (from Big Sean album, I Decide).

But I really appreciate Big Sean Verse. It made the song for me. (Side note - We need a tour with them ASAP & a second album)

“Cause, baby, in a room full of dancers. Your still are the answer...”

OLLA (Only Lovers Left Alive)

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In previous albums, I always complained that there were never any party or dance song. Even though I couldn’t picture this being a club hit or a request at a party (unless made by me), OLLA still a gave me what I’ve been asking for.

This song gave me disco vibes and I’m really feeling it. I can see myself dancing around in my room to this and knowing all the lyrics. My absolute favorite part of the song was when Sean and Jhene started rapping together. I didn’t see that coming and it totally gets me excited for TWENTY88 second album (hopefully).

“We gon’ turn a hundred when it’s 2088, and I’ma look at you and say “AYEEEE””

New Balance

This song stood out for me not for the song itself but more for the short intro in the song.

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“I can't put my finger on it
I don't know, it's weird
It feels like I've known you my whole life
I know what it is
You remind me of my brother”

Jhene has mention in previous song like, Promises and Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle), that her brother, Miyagi Chilombo, past away due to cancer.

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In that poem, she feels some sort of connection to this person only because they remind her of her brother.

That poem made me think of people (women and male alike) who put up with individual who they know aren’t any good for them only because that individual may remind them of something they may have lost.

Just by hearing that small piece of the song I was already brought to tears.

My heart breaks for her and anyone else who’s going through or gone through what she is feeling.

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Hopefully they find peace within themselves and not someone else.


For some reason when I heard this song, I imagine her singing this song next to a window while it’s raining outside.

Random. I know.

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I think she has finally hit rock bottom and is using drugs to numb the pain she’s feeling in her life.

She’s distancing herself from her loves,still believing she doesn’t need anybody.

My favorite part of the song is when she was remembering her past events while she convinces herself to take more pills.

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”(Take this) Grab my purse and my prescriptions in it
(Take this) Tiny bursts of optimism in them
(Take this) I'm revisiting my decision to win...”

Bad Trip

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This song comes right after Nobody.

Unlike in Nobody she no longer has her drugs to medicate herself and feel numb again. She starting to comes to terms with the things around her.

At the end of the song you can hear her yelling at someone and she sounds like she’s been heavily medicated or under the influence.

”I thought you loved me...” “"You would tell me you love me...”

Oblivious (Creation)

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In this song she wishing she could go back to where she didn’t know how cruel the world could be or where she didn’t know what true pain was.

I think everyone at some point in their life wishes they could go back to that blissfully oblivion. I know for a fact I missed being a unaware of how painful and hard just living is.

“Oblivion. I wish I could go back”

Sing to Me

Reminds me of Promises, which is on her previous album. Such a beautiful song.

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Jhene has her daughter featuring in this song and they’re singing together, hence the name, Sing to Me.
“Mommy sing to me, sing to me”


Inspiring Image on We Heart It
This song gives me major club vibes.

Like slow, hot, (and sweaty) grinding on your man, in a dimly lit club vibes. I feel the music is very sexy and very slow. It is definitely one of my favorites off this album.

“On nights like this, I ride. Turn the music up to keep from crying”

Honorable Mentions

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Songs that weren't my favorite but i did like them.


Only caused it features Swae Lee and I loved him in Unforgettable.

You Are Here

A good fuller song for a study or relaxing playlist

Psilocybin (Love in Full Effect)

Reminds me of Trip just not as sexy.

Mystic Journey

A cute fuller song that I wouldn’t skip on a playlist but wouldn’t go looking for just to listen alone.

Any Song Ending With Freestyle (other than Mystic Journey)

None really stood out to me but I was hoping one of them was a Comfort Inn Ending Part 2 and sadly it wasn’t. Low-key (but really high-key) I think every song on her album that has a “(Freestyle)” might be Comfort Inn Ending Part 2.

Final Thoughts On the Album

Out of the 22 songs on this album I genuinely enjoyed about 16 of the songs which is roughly about 70% of the album. For the other 30%, although i did like them, I don't see myself listening to them unless I'm playing the whole album.

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All songs on the album brought that same peaceful and calming feel Jhene seem to always bring when it comes to her music

Even though, the beginning of the album has the better songs, I strongly think everyone should listen to the whole album in order during your free time.

So here’s the question: Was this album better than her previous album?
That's hard to answer.

While I liked the same amount of song on each album, I see myself listening to more to Souled Out (her last album that came out in 2014) versus Trip because the songs seemed to be more different from each other while Trip they started to sound like the same beat as I got closer to the end.

With that being said, I do prefer that Trip has a story line in comparison to Souled Out, which doesn't. After listening to this album I have a better understanding of Jhene in more than just a fan and artist standpoint.

I feel like I connected more with her on this album than any other album she's made.

So the real question is: Do you prefer a story or overall songs.

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Overall, Trip was a great album and I can't wait for more music from Jhene Akio.

Until next time.

Love, Smilez

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