1. For a DIY coaster : use a random cardboard piece, use a cup to trace a circle and then cut it out (you can decorate it with any coloured paper or stickers you want!
2. For DIY shorts : use big scissors to cut off any pair of pants or jeans (instead of buying new shorts) and start at knee length to see your preferred length.
3. For any unwanted pimple : try gently rubbing a piece of lemon, tomato or ice on the pimple for about a minute (2-3 times) a day until you see that it is going away.
4. For no heat flowing and wavy hair, dampen your hair (or right after washing your hair) then do one big and tightly braided braid and sleep with it overnight. Then when you wake up, put some hairspray on and then let your hair down.
5. Convenient alternatives for Make-up remover and cotton pads :
-Makeup removing wipes
- Coconut oil
- Micellar water