Lately I've been feeling inspired about everything around me. I'm thinking about future and how scary and amazing it can be at the same time. I'm living that time that we should choose colleges and get into them, but I don't really know what I want to do. We're so pressured all the time to choose something that we love and still think about it, if we really love to do that, if you're going to make money with that, what it's like to do that everyday. We're all scared, what if in the middle of college you realise that you don't want that and suddently you get totally lost? What if you get bored with that after years working with that?
But, what if you're totally lost now and suddently decides what you want to do and realises you always loved that? What if you get an amazing job that you're happy doing that every single day? Well... we'll never know until we try it. Still, future isn't just about college and jobs. It's about friendship, love, adventure, opportunities, living in the moment, no regreting things, enjoy every single second because tomorrow we may not be here anymore. Future is about now and youth. Enjoy now, because now is the future, and always remember:
Everything's gonna be fine, but you can't always get what you want.