I saw a question like this earlier. It was in another article on WHI ( thank you @lisa_voo for posting). The article was a list of questions to ask yourself to do some self-evaluation. When I got to this question, I started to think. Then it asked if it were to happen in a month, a day, an hour, or a minute... what would I do.

This question made me uncomfortable and unhappy. I am a Christian so I always feel that when I die I'm going to heaven, so whatever, but this question made me think about what would I do if I knew when. And thinking about what I would do, made me think about what I have not done. That was what I was unhappy about, thinking about how I haven't done anything.

I understand that I'm young, compared to others, and supposedly have so much time on my hands, but this question gave me little time. And I haven't done anything.

So, I started naming things I would do, purposely trying to think deeply. I said that I would tell everyone I loved them, apologize, and I would spend that year making a movie. A movie that helped people see the world in a better light, helped people view themselves and others better, helped people come to Jesus and love Him somehow. I said I wanted to do this all in one movie because people love movies and this movie can be seen as long as the world goes on.

For the other answers, I looked at everything I could possibly do in a certain amount of time. For the month, I traveled and met people, for the day I spent the day at a library, then at Church, for the hour I went to Church, and for the minute I prayed.

I looked back at my answers and realized that I hadn't said I wanted this gadget or buy this article of clothing. I didn't even say that I wanted a house or a car. Only one of my answers did I mention traveling. I realized that all the things I want now, it suddenly became unnecessary in those questions.

Now, I'm not saying a nice ring or coach bag is a bad thing, as long as you aren't selling your soul for it. I wanted to do something that would mean something. Something that would mean something to God and to someone else. I knew that for all the times, besides the minute, I would apologize and tell everyone I loved them. I would pray to God accepting Jesus and asking for my sins to be forgiven.

This question made me think about my life now. It made me think about what I'm doing with it right now and why I'm doing it. It made me think about all the things that I need to do without knowing when I'm going to die. It's important to me now that I focus, not on awards and my wants, but others need and how I'm affecting them.

It sounds cliche, but I truly believe that by doing things and living life for Jesus is living life for others and I can make life for someone better.

Life is beautiful and everyone's life is beautiful. So, we should treat our and everyone else's life as precious as it is.

Love, love deeply, sincerely, and passionately. Give with love in your heart. Welcome others and be kind. Show mercy and forgiveness because no one knows when.

Life is beautiful. Every single life. You may stumble and mess things up but that doesn't mean you don't deserve forgiveness or a chance.

We don't know everything and let's respect that because we don't want to, whether we know that or not. I'd rather be a fool and believe the world is more good than evil than being miserable having all the knowledge about the evils that go on in the world and see it as a horrible place.

I love you, whoever is reading this, I truly do and I don't mind listening or helping when I can.

I hope one day when I look at a question like that again, I can say, I'm good. I've gotten everything taken care of. I've loved a lot and gave a lot and laughed a lot. I don't regret anything because I've been forgiven and I've forgiven. There's nothing that I am rushing to do because I've done what I can. Now, I will ride this last ride with joy and peace in my heart.


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