Hello! First off I would just like to thank all of you for the success of my first article :) Never did I ever believe that it would reach and affect so many people and it showed me how many people out there share my hopes and dreams so thank you all. All the support and encouragement I got warms my heart.

So I don't know about the rest of you but where I live, the weather forecast today reached a high temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, when this morning when I woke up, the temperature was barely 60. So coming from someone who is through with summer and has been envying for fall, here are some easy, inexpensive ways to be cozy in the cool mornings but able to breathe in the blazing sun:

1. Layer Up
Pull out your favorite cardigans and hoodies and wear them over your favorite summer blouse. There's nothing wrong with t shirts and sweatshirts either... and who ever said you can't wear shorts under your sweatpants?? If you are able to take something off or put something on, you can adapt to the weather and still stay in style!

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2. Light with Heavy
Opposites attract! Mixing your seasons means mixing your materials. Wearing a lightweight, airy top under a thicker cardigan is completely acceptable. Or, a long sleeve, but thin, sweater with stylish leggings will keep you covered, but cool. A cute summer tank top with a comfy fall cardigan is always a good choice.

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3. Fall on Top, Summer on Bottom
One of my personal favorite ways to dress for both warm and cool is to dress the top half for one season and the bottom half for the other... let me explain. It's far from breaking the rules of fashion to wear a sweatshirt with a pair of shorts, or, as most of you already do, I'm assuming, wear short sleeves with long pants. Jeans are a heavy material,but they can keep you cool, so your favorite, stylish Levi's paired with a simple- or extravagant- top can be comfortable and make heads turn while keeping the right temperature. Bonus- add a light jacket for some layering :)

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4. Material Matters
What your clothes are made of can make a big difference of how warm or cool they keep you. Any thick material like wool, fleece, and insulated coats and vests keep you the warmest. Loose denim, cotton or flowy linen are comfortable, breathable fabrics that can keep the air flowing. Tight pieces can make you too hot in sun and leave no room for body heat if you're cold. Pairing cropped jeans with a thick sweater or a cotton t-shirt with some thick sweatpants can keep your body breathing right.

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5. Mix Your Colors
Warm, deep tones are more associated with autumn, and bright pastels are more associated with summer- so mix them! Dark orangey-rusts can be accented with bright yellows and baby blues look great with chocolatey browns. Having a neutral based outfit with hints of color can draw attention and keep you warm in the cold while still representing those summer months. Just because the leaves are losing their color doesn't mean you have to!

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6. Your Hair
One of the easiest and best ways to stay warm or keep cool is to keep your hair down or put it up- especially if you have long hair! Getting hair off your neck can be a simple way to cool off, or, styling it down can keep your face and neck warm. There are many adorable, simple ways to alter your hair for the season, whether it's a simple pony, or crazy curls.

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7. Accessories Make a Difference
Your feet and your head are the two places that lose heat the quickest. So, if you're trying to stay warm, a cute hat, fluffy boots or slipper shoes can make a world of a difference! Or, if you need to release some heat, try some hair clips or open toed sandals to accessorize. Choosing the right accessories can complete your look, and keep you comfy. Scarves, hats, shoes, and socks can all make a huge difference!

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I hope you like my second article and feel free to let me know if you like these type of advice articles or want to know more about me :) thank you all so much! I love writing articles and there will be more to come!