your voice:
you sang in the kitchen when you thought i couldn't hear. i squeezed an ice pop between my fingers as i listened. your voice sounded like soft pillows and 80's movies. i could listen to your voice forever.

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your hair:
my friend has soap that smells just like you. it’s been months since you lay next to me in the sun so i could smell the happy in your hair. daisies and guitar strings rose through my head like a drowsiness i couldn’t shake. i’ve spent hours in the mall looking for the soap that smells just like you.

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your hands:
i like holding people's hands when they're cold and skinny. i always thought i could tell the kind of person someone was from how their hands felt. but yours were warm and soft, when we lay on your bed in the dark talking about what we wanted to be someday.

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your lips:
one night we got really drunk and you kissed me. you probably don't remember that. i do. your lips tasted like black licorice jellybeans and silver stars. i had only tasted lips of mint gum and broken promises. i had never tasted hope in creamsicle flavor.

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your eyes:
you always told me you wish your eyes were blue oceans like mine, but i saw whole universes in yours. i used to stare into them for hours, getting lost in your head, feeling the waves of all you’ve done crash over me like a tsunami. now you turn your head when i try to see.

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