This is a public service announcement (i'm joking lol)

Art is really important in life. Without art there will be no music, movies, dancers, paintings, lots of colors, books, newspapers, magazines, novelas, tv shows, theaters, etc.

Art is a way of expression, a way of communication and a way of thinking.

Art make things look beautiful
Art make you enjoy things
Art make you happier
Art make people creative
Art make love

Take pictures, dance, paint, draw, dress, sing... anything...just do art.

This generation don't really appreciate art and it's really sad. Teenage don't really go to museums (unless is a school trip) no more, they don't read good books (only 50 shades of Grey and y'all know why), they don't go to theaters to watch a really good play (again, unless is a field trip). They only support dances like twerk. They don't like reading poetry.

But I know why. society. Society make people insecure about themselves and people's dreams. "if you paint you are not going to be rich" "singing is only for famous people" "you will never be a professional dancer if you don't have connections" "just be a doctor" 'just be a business mam/woman" "take it as a hobbie". And that's not okay. You should do what you like or what you want to do, it's your life.

So I want you guys to take more pictures, read more actually good books, write if you need to. Dance more. Learn more. Be more creative. Be more passionate. Be more you

Everytime you post a good pic on instagram, tumblr, twitter, facebook, we heart it, use the hashtag #ArtMatters