This one is for the Storytellers 💝

Do you write?

I honestly can’t spend a single day without writing. When I was 11, I decided that it was the best thing in the world - and I stuck to that opinion until now.
I love reading about fellow writers’ stories, so… if you write, this challenge is for you 😉

Tell me all about your journey:
1- How did you begin writing?
2- Who is your favourite author?

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3- Where do you get your ideas from?
4- What is your favourite book?
5- Which themes do you write about?

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6- Have you ever had writer's block?
7- What is your favourite book quote?
8- Do you write fanfiction or original stories?

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9- What was the hardest scene you’ve ever had to write?
10- Do your family/friends know that you’re a writer? No - why not? / Yes - do they support you?

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11- Have you ever written a book? No - why not? / Yes - how long on average does it take you to finish one?
12- What is the biggest challenge you face/faced as a writer?

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13- Do you make your writing public?
14- What are the perfect conditions to write?

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And the most important question...

15- Why do you write?

“You write because you need to write
or because you hope someone will listen
or because writing will mend something broken inside you
or bring something back to life.”
- Joanne Harris
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