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i love singing
but im not good at it
i love writing
but i suck at it
so i draw instead
because that's the only thing left
im not going to stop
the world is not going to end
you have many opportunities
so you can still learn
don't stress too much
just do you
at the end of the day is your life
and you are the only one who choose
we are not in a test
you have multiple choices
why only take one
when there's millions of it
get inspired
because one day
you are going to die
and the things that you didn't do
are not going to wait for you
do it now
because you do you

Sham Rojas

i totally love this one, i did it at 4 a.m. sleepy and tired a long time ago but i think its really good (except for the end it's trash)