Today i found a list while sorting through my boyfriends stuff, he died just over a year ago and this was the best thing to read today. He had planned to give me this on our anniversary apparently

"Favorite things about my kick ass girlfriend. Because i love everything about you so this list had to be cut sort to only my favorites.

1. Your lips always taste amazing
2. Playing with your hair
3.You get easily distracted
4. Never have to worry about you checking out other guys when we are out because you just look for dogs/cats
5.The way you are with dogs (seriously! You always look like you are going to cry its cute). It literally doesn't matter where we are you always drag me with you to go fuss over a dog.
6.Harry potter marathons with you because you are like a giddy child.
7. THEME PARKS! You are a child in a candy store. Love seeing you that happy.
8. Attempting to play pool with you and watching you fail miserably and then sulking.
9. Your ass.
10. Your back dimples
11. How angry you get if you get tickled
12. Morning you
13. 24hr you
14.Your face when it snows.
15.Late night walks when you are too awake to sleep.
16. How you always check if i'm okay after a night out with the lads.
17. How you trust me
18. That i can trust you.
19. When you bite your lip
20. Our walks with Skye,Shadow and Teal (Soon to be Ruby joining us)
21. When we watch supervet and both end up crying.
22. Seeing you sat in my defender
23. Knowing i can call you at silly times about stupid things and you'll end up making me laugh with your weirdness/cuteness
25. Being your hot water bottle, even in summer because you are always cold.
26. Your tiny hands
27. Our perfectly matching hair colour
28. Xbox with you
29. Bickering with you
30. Make up sex
31. SEX
32. How you don't take any shit from the lads...or me
33. How you talk to my chickens like a crazy old women
34. When you randomly grab my hand and your tiny hand is freezing
35. When you steal my shirts and hoodies. As much as i pretend i hate it, you wear them best