Days pass, not long ago the third world war was declared between my brain and my heart, I would like to know what I feel and I think of you, I do not see you the same, since all this started I do not know if I love you, if I hate you, if I do not need you or if I need you more than ever, I can not think of anyone else, my brain hates you, hates you, wants and needs to forget you, why can not you do it for once? my heart does not know either, I do not know; everything becomes blurry sometimes, this time the brain has the word, has the decision, he is going to decide whether to touch or not the "button". So bad was the situation that my brain created the button, the one that will finally erase everything I can from you, if I want? Of course I want, this time it's all over, I do not care if it hurts, I do not care anymore, does my heart want? Of course not, he keeps saying one more day, he wants to persevere, no longer friend, he can not anymore; took a long time to decide, I was not going to wait for it all my life, I told you, I asked you please do not wait at this point, Let us go!